Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Degrassi: TNG - The Incident

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For our US Readers: Spoiler Alert

So intense huh? I didn't realise they would show it that graphically. I mean, still not that bad but considering this show is made for teens, it was kind of a bloody incident.

Spike and Snake are away on a trip. So Manny makes Emma throw a party with the weak reason of celebrating a depressed Liberty on her birthday and word gets out and everyone attends. Including the Lakehurst boys, who cause an incident and get thrown out by Jay and Spinner. Meanwhile, JT is torn between Liberty and Mia but Liberty proffesses her love to JT with no response and runs away from the party. JT tells Toby of his dilema and then leaves the party, only to encounter the Lakehurst boys pissing on his car (literally). Then out of the blue, one of the Lakehurst boys stabs JT in the back, and JT dies. A little shocking considering how the killer stabbed JT really for no reason.

The rest deals with the aftermath and the memorial with some of Ellie's coked-up-Craig aftermath thrown in for good measure (and boy, Jesse Stephanovitch's handwriting sure looks a lot like mine). Sad. Even though JT was probably the most annoying character but was growing more likeable again, still sad (and sadly, based on a real incident from a house party in North York, Toronto from a few years back).

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