Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Heroes - Best Subtitle EVER

Chapter 13: The Fix

Ando and Hiro are being chased in a parking lot and finally captured together (after Hiro sticks it out with Ando who is first caught). I mean, we all knew about the build up since we knew George "Sulu" Takei was guesting as Hiro's father but thanks to Jason Kyson Lee and Masi Oka, they were still the best scenes this episode. The final reveal was hilarious but only topped off by the great subtitle of Hiro's "GULP"!

Meanwhile, Niki is still in the padded room but Micah needs her since daddy D.L. can't handle things. Micah steals cash out of an ATM and reveals his own power to his father.

Matt Parkman is taken off the force for 6 months while his wife reveals she's pregnant in her thoughts.

Invisible Man (Christopher Eccleston, so great with Ewan McGregor and Kerry Fox in Shallow Grave) reluctantly helps out Peter, while Nathan and Mohinder try to save him their own way.

Claire asks for help from The Haitian and finally tracks down her birth mother who was thought to be dead (and played by Jessalyn Gilsig yey! (Prison Break, Boston Public, Nip/Tuck)) but is torn about lying to her horned-rimmed glasses father. Meanwhile, Horned-Rimmed Glasses Man notes Claire's subtle callsign to the Haitian, and also is caught in Sylar's cell after Sylar kills the watching attendant.

Was that it? I really would like for Ali Larter's storyline to pan out as something interesting but so far, I really just prefer to get back to Hiro and Ando, and Claire's stories at this point. Plus why didn't Matt Parkman just make some comments to the board showing he isn't a complete kook? It was another one of those moments where I would have thrown a donut at his head for being an idiot.

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Liz said...

Yes, Hiro reached new levels of awesomeness this week. And to think I keep getting afraid he'll be overexposed and stop being so funny...he only gets better!

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