Thursday, January 25, 2007

Men In Trees - Cute and Dirty

Bed, Bat & Beyond

Plow Guy is back! Jane visits Elmo again, cashing in her vacation days to spend two weeks with Plow Guy Sam (Ty Olsson). Meanwhile, Marin starts furnishing her new cabin in the woods, while Jack helps with the landscaping. Since Sarah and Marin both move out of the inn, Patrick is worried about money, money to pay for Annie's dream wedding he hopes to give her. Celia admits to dating Richard (ABC's favorite guest star Currie Graham) and I like how he's softening her up since her character, while supposed to be grating, is a bit too grating sometimes. Sara continues to help out at the bar while Ben recuperates, and Mai helps out both Patrick (giving him money because she didn't come from China to see her bastard son deliver papers) and Ben (giving him Korean soap opera's to watch). I have to say she is definitely growing on me despite the glaring (but still hilarious) stereotypes.

Marin finds out that her cute little log cabin still needs a lot of work, and has some extra inhabitants (a bat in the outhouse), while Lynn realises Jack still may have feelings for Marin, despite Lynn moving into Jack's place. I must say, the whole thing is very complicated which might actually be interesting since it's not as clearcut as a romcom show would usually have it. Real life is messy, so it's nice to see a cute and glossy show like this show some of that dirt (including the buzzing noise from Sara's box as she moves out... hilarious).

Anyways, Jane comes to rescue Marin leaving poor Plow Guy behind, but then another intruder lands in Marin's new house. A big ole' black bear. Are we employing all the animal handlers in Vancouver these days?

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