Thursday, January 04, 2007

The OC is Great Again and Now Fox Cancels It.

I noted this in my Best of TV 2006 column but I caught up with The OC during the Christmas break and it really is GREAT again this season. We all guessed Marisa's death would be great to purge the worst whinny downer part of the show but we were all being hopeful. Season 4 has exceeded my expectations and made it back onto my appointment TV. That being said, I've been in denial all day about the reports of its cancellation but alas, it's apparently true. Just as Autumn Reeser as Taylor Townsend single handily revived the series and made Ryan Atwood smile and funny.

I'm actually really sad about this. A year ago, it would have been a relief to get rid of The OC, but now, I'm actually truly sad about this news (and just checking the message boards on the TV Guide report but seems like many feel the same way I do). Leave it to Fox to axe a show just as it was on the uprise (see Kitchen Confidential, Arrested Development, Action etc) while they leave on crap like 'Til Death or The War at Home (which really, have no possibility of saviour since they were never good to begin with to be revived).

I guess at least The OC ends on a high note in its wonderful 4th season (much like last years Everwood). Hmm... Chris Pratt is not having a good 12 months is he.

Well, remaining episodes of The OC start again tonight (Thursday, Jan 4th) at 7pm on CTV in Canada, 9pm on Fox until the Series Finale on February 22nd.

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