Monday, January 29, 2007

Road to the Oscars - The SAG Awards

SAG Awards. hehehe... anyways, I have my issues with SAG right now anyways for getting the Canadian equivalent ACTRA to fight their fight while ACTRA stays on strike (and thus why I can be up at 2 am posting this). Oh look, so the productions will just have to go back to LA where SAG works. How CONVENIENT for them...

Things quickly I noted:

Yey Chandra Wilson for winning Best ACTRESS in a Drama TV for Grey's Anatomy! Finally some recognition. Everyone else was almost the same as the Golden Globes but that's totally fine with me (Alec Baldwin, America Ferrera etc)

The big winner though was Little Miss Sunshine, which I was just telling my friend earlier this weekend (after seeing Babel, completing my Best Picture viewing) that I think it will win Best Picture now because it's the only feelgood pick of the 5 Best Picture Oscar nominees. Personally I thought Little Miss Sunshine is the worst of the 5 movies (it's not a BAD movie but the other 4 are better) but Babel is too dividing and some people just don't get it. The Departed is too violent for some voters and plus it's a remake of an already good film (Infernal Affairs). Letters From Iwo Jima has Clint Eastwood on its side (I was not a fan of his acting but damn has he kept surprising me with good movies as a director), but the movie being in Japanese and slower paced, might turn off some voters. That leaves Little Miss Sunshine which people seem to love, or The Queen, and The Queen is too British and docusoap to win Best Picture. So I think Little Miss Sunshine will sneak through and beat Babel, Letters From Iwo Jima and The Departed and now with it winning the SAG award, you know the actors (the largest contingent in the Academy) has its backing. (Granted, my other theory which is probably wrong, is that Little Miss Sunshine is an okay movie made MUCH better by it's excellent cast, so it actually DOES deserve the SAG award for Best Ensemble (SAG's equivalent of Best Picture) but not the actual Best Picture).

I will say that looking back at last years Best Picture list, this years is MUCH better with 3 of the 5 nominated movies making my top 10 list (and in fact, are all ranked from 6 or higher). So really, if any of them win (except Little Miss Sunshine though now that I said this, it will win, just like Crash did last year, the only one I didn't want to win), I'll will not be angry (again, see Crash)(No, I'm not over it still, Not especially when my boss at the time was one of the people who voted for it too. I knew I should have ripped open that envelope and changed it to Brokeback Mountain)(Yes, I actually had to mail in his friggin Crash-voting Oscar ballot for him).


Liz said...

Hmm...I dunno. Don't comedies, like, never win Best Picture? And Little Miss Sunshine is pretty much a comedy, albeit a dark one. I'm betting on Babel, I think.

vance said...

Comedies never win Best Picture. But, I think Babel is going to be too dividing and some people just don't get it. It has the whole international "let's be friends" going for it, but since Crash won last year, I don't think it will win this year. If Brokeback won last year, Babel might have won this year. I have a feeling Little Miss Sunshine is going to be the darkhorse because it feels like its building a lot of steam. Personally Iwo Jima should get it and it would have if the Oscars were in March.

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