Thursday, January 04, 2007

Ugly Betty - Swag

Christina notices that Betty's Gucci purse is a fake and we get the retelling from 4 months ago about what happened. Was this the episode they bumped when they rearranged the order of some of the episodes, but with some editing around to make it make sense?

Back when Betty first started, Christina had to empty out "The Closet" in her quarterly purge and everyone at Mode (including Amanda and Marc) go crazy for the stuff. This is when Betty discovers the HMO won't pay for Ignacio's drugs, while she also messes up Daniel's expense report (thanks from "help" from Marc and Wilhelmina) and Henry is forced to tell Bradford who cuts Daniel off from the expense account just as a big Japanese client is about to show up.

Christina saves Betty the best item in the closet, a Gucci bag worth $4500, but Betty is forced to give it up to help her family.

Finally Ashley Jensen as Christina gets some more lines, Lucy Davis is back as the Tabloid show host, and Eric Mabius' hair still looks naturally coloured. Plus the introduction of Henry to Betty while also showing how Walter won back Betty. Ah... some things make more sense now (because I thought her running back to Walter in the fall seemed a bit rushed).

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