Wednesday, February 14, 2007

American Idol - Are the Auditions Over Yet?

Good gawd, is the pain over yet?

They finally get down to the top 24 tonight and the tedious auditions are over (Very funny in the first season, not so much now years later). Was it me or is this top 24 group even better looking than previous years. Last year we had what? Will Makar and Chris Daughtry? Kellie Pickler and Katherine McPhee? (Though I think I said the same thing last year compared to the year before). This year there are some lookers, but from what I can tell, have voices I didn't cringe to (yet). In fact, I liked almost all their picks. About the only one I didn't like so far that I took notice was that Sundance dude. I know. He's big, he's got a sunny personality, but so far I didn't like his singing. I still can't tell most of the girls apart either but I liked most of the voices I heard so far tonight. Though only time and a live edition will tell.

So whether we like it or not, the American Idol channel starts in full force next week.

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Liz said...

Yeah, I kind of got sucked in at the end of the initial auditions, and watched all of Hollywood week. I was surprised with a few eliminations (including that skinny crying girl at the end...Marissa?), and was definitely surprised Sundance made it through. What the hell? He shrieks a lot and, as Simon said, looks "boiled" when he's singing. (HA!)

Also, does Paula seem less drunk/confused than usual to you?

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