Wednesday, February 28, 2007

American Idols - Boys Night

Okay, Sundance has to go. Supposedly that was a good performance but all I thought he did was yell out "Ride Sally Ride". That is not singing. That's a drunken state on karaoke night at the local boots and cowboy bar.

Bald head Phil dude needs to go to. Did not love Sanjaya who is reminding me of mini Michael Jackson which just creeps me out.

My friends LOVE AJ and I can't STAND his singing style, meanwhile they find Nick boring and I like him in that 98 Degrees non-threatening boyband way.

Again, I think the white boys lead the pack with Chris Richardson, Chris Sligh and Blake Lewis having the best performances (though "Trouble" the song bored me last year and still sort of bored me this year). At least Blake and Chris Richardson seem to be taking chances with difficult songs.

Both Jared and Brandon have good voices but need to step up their game still (and pick better songs still).

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