Friday, February 16, 2007

Grey's Anatomy - Seriously?

Drowning on Dry Land

Oh. My. God.

Are they actually going to kill the title character off?

Denny Duquette, Dylan Young (Kyle Chandler, moving over from the excellent Friday Night Lights for a night) and now Meredith Grey?

Of course, at this point, if they save her, it'll be lame, but if she dies, what next? She does voice overs like Mary Alice Young? That will be quite brave of the writers if they kill her for real. I'd be interested in the reprecussions among the rest of the gang, but can you really have a longer running show without the Grey in Grey's Anatomy?

Granted, shows like Dawson's Creek should have killed off the main character by the third season since Dawson was the lamest part of the series, still, Meredith wasn't THAT bad...

Oh. My. God...

I'd discuss more of the ep but I'm in shock, plus I need to wake up early to go skiing in Whistler tomorrow so I'll be back after the weekend.

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