Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Heroes - Daddy Issues

Chapter 14: Distractions

Okay, was that it with the Sulu as Hiro's father? All that build up just for that? I don't like how Hiro was all this time the heir to a huge corporation when we believed he was really just another office drone. The office drone come Hero seems like a much bigger and grander gesture.

I was suprised by Claire's true daddy though, Nathan Petrelli. For a second I thought HRG was Claire's actual father. Nice plot twist as I didn't see that one coming! So Peter would be her uncle then huh?

Niki is let out, but thus so is Jessica. Claude continues to show Peter the ropes, and Peter learns somewhat how to harness his powers when he's thrown off a building and lands on a taxi (ew. gross). Sylar finds the Bennett's household and almost kills the mom before HRG busts in to save the day.

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