Monday, February 26, 2007

Heroes - It's The Little Things We Do Together

Chapter 17: Company Man

So, Heroes is a fun show, but I'm going to knock the hype again just a bit for a sec. The writing is still quite bad (I mean, so is mine but I don't have millions of viewers, I barely have hundreds of readers). Case in point? The flashback scene in the office where Eric Roberts gives HRG man his assignment, explaining EVERYTHING to us about how the work will be a morally gray area. Horrible. Okay. Maybe half of it was just Eric Roberts delivery (he needs to stick with things like Less Than Perfect that can utilize his bad delivery into intentional comedy) but either way, they were lucky that at least the plotting is good and HRG partnered with Invisible Man was a nice twist.

Though again, Hiro's father (George Takei) with lil'Hiro in tow and being the boss of HRG, Invisible Man and Eric Roberts might be too convenient, although the fact that HRG knowing Japanese was a nice touch.

So Ted and Matt want info from HRG and takes the family hostage, until Eric Roberts shows up and shoots Ted (after Matt is convinced that HRG is actually trying to help, but Ted isn't) but alas, Claire must save the day, again.

Still, HRG is told to bring Claire in to the "paper company". We get the tender flashback when HRG gets his HRG and reveals to Claire that she is adopted. Back to present day, HRG gets the Haitian to shoot him (where it won't kill him) so that Claire and the Haitian can run off, before HRG's memory is erased.

Meanwhile, in the clip for next week, was that Tawny Cypress still alive?

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