Monday, February 26, 2007

Monday Funny

How I Met Your Mother - Fiero Arrivederci

Not one of the best episodes, although I'm still reeling from last week's slap bet. Marshall's Fiero (OMG, I used to LOVE that car as a kid. So Chachi!)dies and the gang recounts stories around the car. Barney's of course being the funniest (he doesn't know how to drive and learned in the Fiero), though Robin had some nice reaction in implying her perfection.

The Class - The Class Rides A Bull

My bad show guilty pleasure (to join the ranks of Reba or Freddie but I thought it was actually getting quite good lately. I was getting into each storyline, loved that it's almost like a comedic soap, but now I find out next week is the season finale already? I'm actually going to kind of miss it.

Although the Ethan/Kat set up seems just too easy tonight. Love Duncan and he makes Andrea Anders' Nicole so much funnier, but I didn't see Yonk's heart attack coming.

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