Sunday, February 04, 2007

NBC Thursday Lineup Rocks!

My Name Is Earl - Foreign Exchange Student

Earl made fun of a French Exchange Student (who didn't? oh wait, I was once the FES granted I was in frenchland. Is a tossed baguette to the head a bad thing?) and must bring Pierre back and make him love America again to cross him off the list. Crabman shows an adept understanding of the government inner workings, while Randy keeps promising to pronounce is true love to his "green card" wife Catalina. When Pierre shows signs of interest for Catalina, Randy becomes jealous and blurts out his love, but Catalina's affections aren't exactly the same (though she hides it from Randy). Joy instructs her to make bad love to Randy, so with some help of cheese, fish, and armpit hair, Catalina sets off to make stinky love to Randy. Only thing is, Randy leaves disgusted (as the plan called for) but Catalina discovers what a wonderful lover Randy is and is left literally crying for Randy on the bed.

You know they use this love-switcheroo but it never gets old! Especially now that doofus Randy is the object of someone's affection.

The Office - Ben Franklin

Michael throws a Bachelor/Bachelorette party for Phylis' upcoming wedding at the office. Start the cringing now.

Jim hires a Ben Franklin impersonator from Scholastics, instead of a male stripper, for the girls, while Dwight is in charge of the female stripper, who ends up dancing for Michael, but who stops the whole show when twinges of girlfriend guilt hit him.

Karen and Pam sort out their friendship and everything over Jim (at least in the polite way they would, without actually letting anything truthful come out).

Scrubs - His Story IV

JD passes the narration to Dr. Kelso who finds a kinship towards a patient who fought in the Iraq war, Private Brian Dancer (Michael Weston). This leads to everyone debating about Iraq and reveals that Elliot is in fact... GASP... a Republican. A Republican who likes making love in the closet to the hottie intern (I won't even go there...).

30 Rock - Black Tie

Jack asks Liz to a black tie affair (for some inbred royalty Gerhardt Hapsberg from Austria creepily played to perfection by Paul Reuben) and the questions arise to whether its a date or not, especially when Jack's ex-wife Bianca (Isabella Rosselini) is there and gets jealous of Liz.

Back at the office, all I need to know is that Jack McBrayers' Kenneth the PA is up to something and that is reason alone to crack up. Tracy shows Pete how to sweeten his marriage by bringing in some of his posse playing Devils advocate while Kenneth calls to his good side.

30 Rock by the way, from the previous new episode, cemented itself as must see TV for me now and Tina Fey has truly gotten better in her role. Plus, they've given Jenna (the much undeservedly maligned Jane Krakowski) some better lines and funnier stories to work with and I'm kinda glad the Rachel Dratch cameos are laying lower and lower as time goes on, just as the series gets better and better... hmm... coincidence?


Liz said...

And yet, just now that 30 Rock is becoming appointment viewing for so many people, NBC announces that they're yanking it off the air for a month or more! WTF, NBC?

vance said...

Oh I know. I forgot to mention that. Though personally I'm a little thankful only cause I might be away for all of March on vacation so then I won't be missing too much! Whew!

Still, the moment they yank Friday Night Lights, it's ON...

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? Rachel Dratch was the ONLY REASON to watch that show. It was exciting wondering what she would be each week!

vance said...

Nah, I knew people loved her but she just annoyed me on the show. I loved Rachel on SNL but I actually thought the Jane replacement was a GOOD decision in the end and that dragging out Rachels parts in weird cameos is too much. Tracy's weirdness is enough for the show already.

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