Monday, February 26, 2007

So We Now Have an American Idol Loser/ Oscar Winner. We Really Do

I always forget that whenever I host an Oscar party, no matter how casual, I'm still running around half the time and miss half of it. Which might be a good thing anyways.

Still, what did you people think of it? I thought Ellen was okay, her schtick was amusing but nothing memorable or grand and didn't seem to hold up to the stature of the Oscars. Or was that the point?

Most of the awards seemed pretty predictable considering it was supposed to be the year where any movie could win (which I guess they did). Still, The Departed and Martin Scorcese won as most predicted (though not me, but thank goodness I was wrong), Forest, Helen and Jennifer I-lost-on-American-Idol Hudson won as predicted, though it would have been interesting to see the percentages of votes in the Best Picture category to see how close (or not) it was. Norbit totally ruined it for Eddie Murphy who must be seething right now, and thank heavens Pan's Labyrinth lost out in Best Foreign Language Film to The Lives of Others.

Also, what was with those rolling dancers? That was weird. The costume tableaus were kinda neat and kinda gay all at the same time. Love that Meryl Streep and Ryan Gosling sat next to each other. Love that Ryan Gosling was on Breaker High, which I still love! (And if I do say so myself, I totally predicted he was going to be in bigger and better things. I felt he was somehow a really great actor in that and better than you would think someone on Breaker High would be).

Hottest dress of the night? Helen Mirren. Wow! She's how old? Young tartletts (Paris, Britney, Hilary, Lindsay? I'm talking to you), this is how it is DONE.

Mark Wahlberg always looks great, and nice to see that someone who was in Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch can be up for an Academy Award the same year as The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, a loser from American Idol Jennifer Hudson, an ex-Mickey Mouse club member (and Breaker High alum as I noted earlier) Ryan Gosling, a Mexican Telenovela star Adriana Barraza, as former kid star Jackie Earl Haley, someone named Rinko Kikuchi (I love saying that name!), and Eddie Murphy.

All in the same year with Meryl Streep, Dame Judi Dench and Dame Helen Mirren.

Also, love Meryl for her deep stare into Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt's presentation which was extremely cute and funny. Though I missed the John C. Reilly, Will Farrell thing but apparently I'll see it again if my probable travel plans take me to Hong Kong this week where I'll attend another Oscar party when it is shown there on Wednesday night (?).

Also, what was with the sports analysis with the screen pens on the E! Red Carpet Coverage? That was totally ridiculous. Also, do those hosts eat anything? Here's a bread crumb girl, please eat it. Ryan Seacrest totally sucked too. I actually don't mind him on American Idol or when he had his own show. But he was TERRIBLE last night. Loved when he totally ignored Gael Garcia Bernal to talk to the anorexic co-hosts. It made me miss Joan Rivers.


Jen said...

I caught about 1.5 hours of the Oscars (I was sick and needed to go to bed)...GAEL GARCIA BERNAL was there?! aahhh! Also, happy belated birthday!!!

vance said...

Thanks, though my Bday is actually coming up still.

Liz said...

Ugh...the montages KILLED me. I gave up around 11, during the one for the score composer.

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