Monday, February 19, 2007

Ugly Betty - Travels with Charlie


Jayma Mays, our favorite murdered Hiro-crush on Heroes is on Ugly Betty but then we find out SHE is Charlie? As in Charlie, the girlfriend who came back for Henry. The Henry we have been so wanting to get on with Betty? Charlie who automatically bonded with Betty as soon as they met? Betty then loses Charlie on the NY Subway system, partly on purpose.


Plus, Lucy Liu finally on a show that seems perfectly suited for her snappy sarcastic sass. I didn't think Rebecca Romign would fit in but I like her rapport with Eric Mabius' Daniel Meade. Plus Rebecca's real life love Jerry O'Connell (is he still on that crappy Crossing Jordan?) shows up as a jerk who hits on Alexis only because of a bet! Seriously, are all the casting agents on ABC shows simply the best?

Love anytime Ashley Jensen's Christina gets a better storyline, who gets a call to make Sarah Jessica Parker's Oscars gown and gets some help from Marc. If you can call it help. Wilhelmina tries to be Alexis' friend to gain back her scheming position. Justin and his parents go to see Hairspray but get stuck on the subway. Luckily for us (but not his father), Justin starts performing the show, and we learn he can sing for real but gets called a name and is defended by dad! Things with Henry and Betty spill out as the triangle splits from Betty, Henry and Walter to Betty, Henry and Charlie.

Lucy Liu is The Chin, someone Daniel ditched years ago, who comes back for revenge (and supposedly to help Daniel's father from jail), but of course, since Lucy Liu is beautiful, ends up making out with Daniel.

Again, the Alexis storyline is somehow treated quite humanly especially considering the campiness of the show, and the fact that transgendered people are generally never treated... well... realistically.

Meanwhile, Daniel's mom's confession of Fay's killing seems to be a lie. A way for her to save her fracturing family. And the mystery continues but I love Judith Light enough (Angela Bower!) that I'm okay with that whole continuing storyline.


Liz said...

Justin's Hairspray performance made my week. SO GREAT. Why can't public transportation be that entertaining in real life?

vance said...

Alright, I'm in NY right now and looking out for Justin...

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