Tuesday, March 27, 2007

American Idol - Gwen It's Time To Sink or Sing

Okay, finally a "real" star guiding our contestants, and by real I mean someone with something that's actually on the radio at this point in time, while the show is still going on (with no disrespect to Diana Ross or whoever those two were last week).

Gwen Stefani is here, and while I haven't really liked anything since Tragic Kingdom from her No Doubt days, it's still neat to see her shilling/stooping/succombing to American Idol.

So Lakisha and Chris S. are first up with a chance to do modern pop, and both in my opinion choose old "classics" and do mediocre jobs on regular Idol fare. While Gina isn't oustanding, she is WAY better than last week when we thought she might have a chance to be knocked out. Of course now saying that, she's probably out tomorrow after a half decent performance. That's how it always works on this show folks.

Haley was a'ight but girl, keep wearing those short skirts, you still need them. Phil, keep wearing those tuques, berets and beanie hats. You have a strong voice but all I see is your ears and big bug eyes.

Melinda, neck or not be damned! I love you!

Blake, ooh, fauxhauk or not be damned! I love you! (actually, I like the new cleaner look even though I did love the previous Travis Wall look)

Finally someone does a current song (and by current, I mean within this decade, at least for American Idol terms of "current"). Jordin does "Hey Baby" and is good but I don't think she is as great as previous weeks.

Chris R. "Dont Sleep" and you either like the way he sings (and looks) or you're straight.

Oh yeah, and somewhere in between was Sanjaya with his Cher-like mohawk but I've been trying to block out his tepid performance while trying to rock-the-do out of my mind so let's just end this now before I have nightmares tonight...

think nice thoughts... Blake, Melinda, Jordin, Chris R., Blake, Melinda, Jordin, Chris R...

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