Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Art of the Pick Up

Okay, I read this last night and while I hate that Ausiello has all these blind items leading to wildly floating rumours, this time at least it's for the sake good and not evil, only if we can figure out what beloved comedy show he thinks is on the bubble (that none of us had even realised). My initial guess seems to point to How I Met Your Mother, and most comments seem to agree, so if it is true, GET CRACKING PEOPLE! Along with 30 Rock and The Office, How I Met Your Mother is my favorite comedy currently on TV, and I'm sure the only reason more people don't watch it is because it is on CBS. A good smart funny comedy about young people on CBS? They killed Love Monkey last year already, don't let them kill How I Met Your Mother!

On better news, ABC picked up Men In Trees (my cotton candy of television), Brothers & Sisters and of course Ugly Betty (on tonight with Patti LuPone as Marc's mother!) along with a few others, most of which wasn't a surprise (like Lost, Desperate Housewives, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Grey's Anatomy, Dancing With The Stars).

Prison Break is back on Fox and apparently it's going international with a mostly new crew, though they say the mains will stay (Wentworth Miller I guess? They can't lose the pinup can they? Or the only reason the female and gay population tune in?). So much for the 2-season only show they stated when the show first started.

Meanwhile, the campaign to save Veronica Mars continues. I love it and will continue watching it no matter where Veronica ends up (more college? or FBI?) plus, it's not like The CW has anything else good to put in it's place? (or in any of its timeslots). Granted, I know the numbers are abysmal and I have either little faith in the American viewing audience or at least those with the Neilsen ratings box, so I can see why it's on the bubble, but How I Met Your Mother???

As I've noted already a few times this week and many times before, START watching Friday Night Lights, though rumour is NBC will probably pick it up for a second season just based on the confidence of its critical acclaim alone (all completely warranted).

Oh yeah, and I've stated before, Degrassi: The Next Generation was picked up for a 7th season, and Instant Star for a 4th on The N and CTV.

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theTVaddict said...

Vance, Completely Agree. Not a fan of Blind Items. Ausiello is simply a 'comment whore'... which I of course completely can understand. But still, enough with the blind items.

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