Monday, March 19, 2007

Cleaning the TV Slate

Okay, between attending weddings (2 down, 11 more to go. Who am I? Bobby bubbi Robert darling Bobby?), vacations (or a partial of it before I got called back for my next listing:), and re-starting a new season of a job, I've been slacking on my TV watching and have been playing catch-up for the past month, but in a way, thank goodness for American Idol which has scared away most new episodes in programming for me to not fall TOO far behind.

The New Adventures of Old Christine - Sleepless in Mar Vista, Undercover Brother
Okay. Loved that Burton was back, though too bad it was new delirious Burton and not the one we loved before (that Christine apparently didn't and thus broke his heart, leading him to therapy and prescription drugs). Also loved how they dealt with Richard's gay brother and yet made it all on Christine losing her mojo. New Christine is also getting funnier and funnier with her little quips, and love that the son isn't the brightest thing in the room.

Hereos - Parasite
Yes, I'm THAT behind. I can't believe I didn't hear any of the spoilers yet. Not that there was THAT much to spoil. I guess thinking it was the "spring finale", I didn't think there was THAT much of a cliffhanger, though I did gasp at Peter being cut up by Sylar. Still, I thought there was more. I realised I actually LIKE Ali Larter and I buy that she plays two versions of herself, but I' still bored with Jessica's/Niki's storyline. Ando RAWKS!

Lost - Enter 77, Par Avion
It's probably the first time I've left episodes of Lost waiting to be seen. Is that a bad sign? I still enjoy it immensely when I do, but I'm so confused as to this point that I almost dread watching it (though again, I'm glad when I do because I still love the Losties). Still, Locke is mystifying me right now.

Ugly Betty - Icing on the Cake
I CAN have my cake and EAT it too, if the cake was called Ugly Betty! (Though speaking of which, I need to get back to the gym since I'm no longer offically on vacation anymore. dangit). Last weeks ep was another perfect example of how this show has perfected the campy, emotional, hilarious mix, throwing each characters just enough meat to chew on, with zingers from every which way, and even guest stars who don't overtake the show and actually kinda fit in (Lucy Liu, Judith Light, Jesse Tyler Ferguson). I must say though, seeing Amanda in "The Amanda" was probably one of the funniest moments on television this season.

Grey's Anatomy - Scars and Souvenirs
Meanwhile, while Grey's Anatomy returned to regular programming (sans doing fake threats of killing the main character, yawn), I just couldn't get back into it. I LOVE this show and the characters but the spinoff gossip seems more interesting at this point. I also DO NOT BUY that Izzie and George would sleep together. Ew. They are like brothers and sisters. They had BETTER NOT GO THERE.

Boston Legal - Fat Burner, The Good Lawyer
For all the shenanigans this show is throwing around, and the fact that none of the main cast seems to be having any sort of real storyline (with the exception of the new baby for Denise which I'm not sure I like yet), they sure do give good scripts to the newbies like Clarence (Gary Anthony Williams who did just get upgraded to main cast member, though in this show, that still doesn't guarantee anything unless you are older than 50) and Bethany. At least they employed Debra Mooney (Everwood) as a judge though I wish they gave her more to do. I also liked the new Jerry but was sad to see him revert back to the old (and getting annoying fast) Jerry (for goodness sake, give Christian Clemenson some room for growth please, cause he can totally do it).

Um, it was on in the background but I got all facebook addicted again, so I think I'm dropping this AGAIN for the 18th time.

Um, it was on in the background but I got all facebook addicted again, so I think I'm dropping this because there are only so many strange cases that House miraculously figures out around the 52 minute on the hour that I can take. Still, Hugh Laurie rocks the roll! I'm just needing more and the Chase/Cameron thing isn't enough (since it's just playing out real life stuff), and Cuddy and Wilson's tug-of-war relationships with House is getting a little slow.

Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip
Um, it was on in the background but I got all facebook addicted again, so I think I'm dropping this though it may never be on again anyways. Which is too bad since it seemed to enjoy employing Canadians (Kari Matchett, Mark McKinney) who deserve shows but aren't on one this year.

Corner Gas - Happy Campers, Seeing Things
OMG, the "Good Hair Day" thing made my laugh out loud everytime. This might be too Canadian in humour but I still enjoy it immensely. Loved that Karen secretly admitted that her and Davis really do nothing on the job.

Gilmore Girls - Will You Be My Lorelai Gilmore?, Gilmore Girls Only
Now that it's ending, the Lane baby shower finally felt like an old episode that we all loved. Though why are they making us hate the boyfriends (Logan, Christopher) so much? If it's not one, it's the other.

Desperate Housewives - The Little Things You Do Together, My Husband, The Pig
hmm. I know I watched it but what happened again? I know they resolved the whole Orson thing and the pizza joint finally opened, but what happened to the DH resurgence that was happening in the fall? It's gotten awfully boring again awfully fast. I would probably drop it if it weren't between The Amazing Race and Brothers & Sisters.

The Winner
Didn't this show just start? Now it's over already? When is Fox going to bring back The Loop? (June actually)

Brothers & Sisters - The Other Walker
Emily Vancamp
+ Brothers & Sisters = AWESOME!


Liz said...

Yeah, George and Izzie seemed creepily incestuous. Just not cool. One of the reasons I loved them as friends was because they were a guy and a girl who were Just Friends, without any "will they/won't they" or prolonged pining or anything. Sigh...

vance said...

EXACTLY! No will they or won't they. Leave that to McWhoever and Meredith...

I think they are just running out of steam, which isn't helped by the fact that they are basically already working on Grey's 2.0 with a clean slate of new faces to mix and match with...

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