Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Dancing With The Stars - "The Leg" Up

Season 4 Premiere

Okay, let's get right to the point. They zeroed in on Heather Mills legs. OH NO THEY DID - N'T. Cutting back and forth jarringly from the dancers to her legs in what seemed like a schizo director who couldn't decide if they wanted to go there or not (Okay, I know, the director tends to do that with EVERY dancer but there was ONE shot where he zoomed in on "the leg" that seemed particularly gratuitous). I was horrified and transfixed. Like a Christian Republican Senator at a Gay Pride Parade. Still, in the end, considering the hoopla, it was kinda unmomentus. I'm not a Heather Mills hater or anything (I really couldn't care less if Paul McCartney wanted to throw himself to a younger golddigger because he felt so in love and now must pay the hours) so I'm just surprised she did this show in the first place at this time and moment. I guess she figures being in LA is safer than staying in England where Stella McCartney could stab her for stealing half her inheritance.

As for Ian Ziering. Let me just say, considering how many "girly" shows I enjoy, I was not really a 90210 fan. Melrose Place yes. 90210 no. At least not in the long run (I started watching the first few seasons back then but then lost interest quick). Still, pairing Ian with Cheryl I-keep-winning-this-damn-thing-or-coming-close-no-matter-who-I-partner-with Burke gives him an advantage because I know y'all 90210 fans are still going to call in for him as a surrogate to your love for Dylan and the rest of the Peach Pit gang.

I like that model Paulina Porizkova seems to actually have a nice self-effacing sense of humour, while Miss America Shandi Finnesy tries but basically ends up slagging all Russians (I thought you were trained to say only PC things all the time? Though I guess the latest Miss America showed us that that isn't true). She's lucky her new dancing partner Brian looks the way he does because I'll let her stay just to let him stay a little while longer.

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