Friday, March 23, 2007

Grey's Anatomy - Wha' Happen'd?

My Favorite Mistake

I couldn't think of what to write about last nights Grey's Anatomy and then completely forgot about it until I just noticed some bad reviews on other sites (TVaddict, Glowy Box, duckyxdale), so I know it wasn't just my mood swings this week. Now I've already forgotten what last nights episode was about. Isn't that a bad sign?

Personally, I've felt Grey's Anatomy has gotten so involved with itself that the writing has gone slightly downhill. It's not a bad show, but it's not as good as itself during its creative heights of last year. I mean, as I noted before, the whole Mer death Scare was just Bull Sh!t since it was a waste of 3 episodes of build up for something we all knew was NOT going to happen.

This whole Izzie and George thing feels so contrived to just keep the sex gossip going and I don't buy that they are THAT stupid/silly/ew enough to be together or even think that way since they always had a nice platonic brother sister bond. EW...

Have the writers already boxed themselves in so much that they need to go where characters would never go (and break character) or start rehashing things again? Or do the same thing with a whole new set of characters in a new locale so it feels new? Oh wait. They ARE doing a spinoff...

Also, is it a bad sign that Marti Noxon has been part of Grey's Anatomy and the downfall happened around that time she joined? Is it a coincidence that Brothers & Sisters improved vastly when Marti Noxon left that show last fall? Maybe Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a complete fluke for her? Or maybe her role there wasn't as big as people thought? I guess it really WAS all Joss Whedon.

Hmm... the title of this weeks episode is slightly apt.

So, alas, if you notice on the sidebar, I just moved Grey's Anatomy down 1/2 star point and out of the Must See Live TV.

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