Sunday, March 18, 2007

Test The Nation - We Are Such A Nerd Country!

You gotta love Canada for airing Test The Nation on primetime (you can take the timed test online). Essentially a big IQ test on primetime network TV (though it IS the CBC and who really watches that anymore?). Still, we are such a nerd country. Love it! Plus we have Canada's reality show yearly special Canada's Next Great Prime Minister where 4 students will square off in front of 4 former Canadian Prime Ministers for a $50,000 prize. You won't see THAT on American TV that's for sure!

Love that the studio audience group of Mayors are not scoring too well, but I guess the Millionaires and the Surgeons are what they are for a reason huh?

Okay. I'm not too pleased with my result. I'm not as smart as I thought I was, though I'm sure everyone else knew that already. Though I mostly failed on the memorization/visual memory portions. Who knew how much the Mozerella cost in that picture? At least I cemented my asian stereotype and got perfect on the math portion! ha!

UPDATE: So even though I scored less than my guestimation, I realised I still got the In-Studio Surgeons Group average score! Not bad! Okay. I feel better now. Wait a minute. What the hell am I doing here at my underpaid job then? No wonder I'm bored and write this blog...

Here are the results. Interesting. The closer you were born to summer months, the smarter people tested were (Virgo and Libra scored highest, Aries lowest). Damn, black haired people are dumb. Vegans are dumb, and Non-Drinkers are dumb.

Alright. Steak and Wine it is tonight!


Avster said...

My problem too. I sucked at the memory ones. I did well overall but I was a bit slower on some of the questions than I would have liked. We may be nerds but I would rather do IQ tests than watch the moronic Who's Smarter than a 5th Grader or Deal or No Deal crap.

vance said...

I actually, I totally got sucked into the show and kinda wished it ran longer! ha!

I've seen one ep of Deal or No Deal and thought it was the most idiotic thing ever. I won't even go there with ...5th Grader.

Amanda said...

Wow, curling fans sure are smart! And eldest children, of course, like you and me.

vance said...

Haha, I was just going through it again with a friend and realised I need to start watching Curling! ha! While I eat steak and drink wine!

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