Friday, April 13, 2007

30 Rock - The Fat Bitch Is Back

Corporate Crush

Is it me or has Tina Fey really come into her own? I mean, I never actually thought she was that bad an actor, but now, man, she totally shines on 30 Rock. She even looks spiffier than herself in the opening credits.

Seriously, all the former "weaknesses" of the show are now some of the best parts (Tracy Jordan, Tina Fey's "acting", The Writers Room), while the former best parts are still the best parts (Kenneth the page, Alec Baldwin's Jack).

Jack wants to meet Liz Lemon's new paramour and she's afraid of his judgement, but instead, Jack and Floyd fall into a mancrush on each other which scares Liz even more. Tracy Jordan continues trying to get Thomas Jefferson the movie made, with him starring as everyone, and makes a demo reel to present to the studio but they want him to do the sequel to his earlier hit, Fat Bitch. Fatch Bitch 2: The Bitch Is Back.

I'm loving Floyd by the way, and what it's done to Liz Lemon.


Liz said...

That photo of Tracy as Jefferson (or is it Tracy as King George...?) is probably the best thing ever. God, I love 30 Rock.

vance said...

I know. I just HAD to put it on. I laugh everytime I scoll by, hehe.

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