Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Amazing Race - Where's the Beef?

If I Were In Town, I Would Ask For Your Number Part 1 and 2

My patience had pretty much run out for Mirna and Charla, and the bonus points from Charla carrying the slab of beef from their original season has officially worn off. It should have worn off a long time ago but apparently I'm too nice.

Now we get Chmirna running amuck in Poland where everyone seems rude, though everytime, it seems the Poles are only rude to Charla and Mirna. Hmm... coincidence? Charla throws up while trying to eat 2 feet of sausage as the Barbies look on, trapped on the mission because of the Intersection (where 2 teams must team up together on the next task). The Guido's and Barbies down their sausages fast (I'm not EVEN going to go there) but the Guido's are marked for elimination after coming in last on the first part of this 2 hour episode, so they still have to make it 30 minutes before the last team to be safe.

Cha Cha Cha's and Uchenna and Joyce are way ahead after doing the Fast Forward together, and they jumped onto the Pit Stop together but there is still only one prize Phil informs them so Danny and Oswald concede the prize to Uchenna and Joyce. Aw, how nice. Wait, don't they already have a million bucks? What are you giving them a prize for?

I do kinda feel sorry for Charla in her suit of armor, even though it's kinda funny. They make it in fourth place. Meanwhile, Joe and Bill are only minutes ahead of Eric and Danielle, and are thus eliminated. At least they made it to the matt to get Philiminated this time, since it wasn't looking good at the start of this last leg when both Team Guido and Eric and Danielle were more than 12 hours behind the first few teams.

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