Thursday, April 19, 2007

American Idol - Girl, You Can Eat Now!

Results - Top 7, and 6 Remain

All it took was one night out for me and me not watching American Idol live to finally get rid of Sanjaya? Man, I would have had gotten a life long time ago if I knew that's all it was going to take.

Not really surprised LaKisha was bottom 2. Granted, I've had that feeling for 3 weeks now so it was bound to happen sometime, so my prediction really wasn't all that.

Anyways, Phil's a lucky guy. At least for one more week.

So so long Sanjaya. I'll actually kinda miss your orgasmic performance face... Well, not really (ugh, shudder).

OKay, we need a palate cleanser... Here are my top 4 picks in no particular order.
Blake Lewis of course because finally we have a contestant who tries to be original (within the context of Idol of course) and modern.

Chris Richardson because I actually buy his whole act. Okay, and I'm a sucker.

Melinda Doolittle, well, becaue do we need to talk about how amazing that voice is again? Plus, she rocked the new 'do this week!

And finally Jordin Sparks. Even her name screams Idol!

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