Sunday, April 01, 2007

Brothers and Sisters - Caught In A Hair Net

All In the Family

Oh sweet! Another family dinner at the Walkers! This time with Rebecca as the guest! AWKWARD!!! Holly is horrified by the idea and Rebecca loves it. SWEET!

Kitty meets Senator McCallisters children, and Kevin meets with Chad's manager (guest star and episode director David Paymer) when Kevin convinces Chad to bring Kevin along to a movie premiere. Tommy is being overprotective with pregnant Julia and wants to find out which brother is the real father.

Tommy and Kevin question the validity of Rebecca's DNA being an actual Walker, while Justin confirms it because she's hot and he feels nothing. Ha! Ew! Ha!

Rebecca joins the Walkers for dinner, minus Kitty who is at dinner with McCallister and his kids. Let the awkwardness begin! Little Miss Mini McCallister hates Kitty, and Kevin tries to secretly get DNA from Rebecca at the dinner table while Justin tries to stop him. Rebecca catches Kevin pulling out her hair and storms out.

Kitty thinks Jack might be rushing her into making nice with the family because he needs someone by his side for his campaign and this pisses Jack off.

Sarah calls out Nora for accepting the bastard child Rebecca more than Nora does her.

Rebecca calls out Holly for keeping away a larger family from her her whole life.

Chad calls out Kevin's multiple personalities when he backs out of the movie premiere, and thus the public outing, which had made Kevin freak out with the thought of a long-run relationship assumed as part of the outing. Okay, fine by me. Let's MOVE ON now and get to Jack's brother (since they aren't bringing back Luke MacFarlane so far that they know).

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