Sunday, April 15, 2007

Brothers & Sisters - Keeping Up With The Joneses

Game Night

Jenna Elfman, (her Dharma and Greg co-star) Susan Sullivan, Perry White, Eric Winter (who is also in the pilot for Viva Laughlin, which is in addition to pilot cast members Lloyd Owen, Hugh Jackman, Patrick Fabian, DB Woodside, Madchen Amick. Man, CBS better not screw this up. They will). In addition to recent cast add-ons Amy Abbott...er I mean Emily Vancamp and Rob Lowe? Can we pack on more fun to this show?

Okay. Kitty meets Jack's gay brother Jason and automatically tries to set him up with Kevin, which is hilarious enough, until the actual date, which is a disaster, and Kevin is ditched with the fake "emergency call".

Kitty also meets Rebecca accidentally when Rebecca calls a meeting with all the brothers and sisters that she knows.

Kitty and Nora (was there a storyline Kitty wasn't involved in this episode?) bump into the Joneses who are basically their mirror rival? They revive their old game nights between families, Jack McCalister is invited, a stepford Kitty joins the party, and the bad date between the gay brothers slowly spill out.

Okay. Game night could have been lame but that was worth it just for Kevin's impression of Jurassic Park. Rebecca feels lost amongst the Walkers, and bonds with Joe, another outsider. The Walkers end up losing game night to the Joneses. Kitty and Nora try to steal the trophy back by bribing the kids, and Rebecca takes guitar lessons from Joe and then tells Justin that Joe kissed her. WHA??? Is she lying or did they just cut away from that moment right before it happened? WHA??? I had to rewind and nothing was ever shown. So it's her word against his. WHA???

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