Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Friday Night Lights - Aftermath

Best Laid Plans

Seriously, Tami and Eric Taylor? BEST. COUPLE. MARRIED or OTHERWISE. EVER. (Though Amy Abbott and Ephram Brown were like a young budding Tami and Eric Taylor)

Landry is fraught with despair as he wrestles with knowing Tyra's attempted rape/assault incident and ends up telling Tami.

Julie goes into a quiet relent after she finds out her father Eric took the job in Austin. Tami suggests them staying in Dillon while Eric commutes but Eric will have none of it, at least until Tami gives her loving/skewering speech at the roast.

Waverly stays home from the big roast and allows Smash to be on a hiatus (oh no. not another "BREAK"?) but Smash comes running back even more in love.

Tim Riggins is told to stay away from Bo and Bo's mom Jackie just so that Bo doesn't get too attached, so Tim goes running back to Tyra for friendship (really!) but Landry doesn't buy it.

Jason Street goes on a "date" with Susie but is caught kissing by Lyla, already reeling from her parents just announcing their divorce, and Lyla storms off throwing back her engagement ring.

Saracen gets a new personal coach in Jason in preparation for next week's finale (some behind the scenes spoilers and pics).

I'm going to be so sad after next week and this show had BETTER RETURN NEXT SEASON. ARE YOU LISTENING NBC?

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Jennifer said...

Tami's speech at the roast was awesome! Also loved that Buddy managed to steal Smash's only joke, haha.

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