Thursday, April 19, 2007

Lost - Hair Raising Events

Catch 22

Okay, so another episode of Lost, and another question solved and another question pondered.

The answered question: Henry Ian Cusick who plays Desmond definitely looks better with the short hair (in the flashbacks when we find out he tried to be a monk before he was fired and met Penny) than with the longer scraggly hair on the island (where he has another premonition of Charlie dying, saves him from the arrow (though I still couldn't look) but then finds it all pointless, finds an outsider who parachuted in, thinks it's Penny, it isn't. It's a black chick who knows Desmonds name. Da Da Dum. Boom: LOST).

The big question pondered: So is the short hair an actual haircut or just a wig? Or has the long hair been the wig the entire time? People. Discuss. Oh yeah, plus, who is that parachute chick?


Mi said...

Hi there,

The long hair is real, the short hair is a wig. Sometimes the beard is fake even...now that you know, you'll be able to tell when.

We're thinking the chick is likely Brazilian, as evidenced by her copy of Catch-22 in Portuguese. Betting she's part of the group Penny has looking for Des, like those Portuguese-speaking guys in the arctic station.

The character's name is Naomi.
Oh, the biblical references abound!!!


jbdean said...

Well, it's a matter opinion on the hair. I prefer the long hair. The long hair is Ian's own hair. The short hair is a wig. If you look at non-show pix, you'll see that Ian's hair is long (and I met with him in March and his hair is long). However, when we see him in a back story with no beard and then on the island with a beard ... that beard is fake! They use some gizmo that blows little pieces of hair on his face and makes a beard! What will they come up with next, yea? LOL

vance said...

Those guys were speaking Portugese? Ahh...

Plus yeah, what will they come up with next? haha!

At least finally ONE mystery of Lost that is solved that I can put away now. haha...

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