Friday, April 13, 2007

Notes on Notes From The Underbelly - Pilot


So this show isn't really geared towards my demographic. I will never have a baby in me and I will never make someone have my baby though I I'll get one one day (I'm not like STEALING one, I meant I'm just waiting for one all ready and out, maybe I'll even skip the diaper changing phase).

I saw the first half hour pilot of Notes From The Underbelly last summer and thought it was funnier than I expected. I wasn't sure, and still not sure, where this show can go from here, since they cover about all the clichés about pregnancy already in the first 3 episodes (based on what I've already seen from next weeks preview), but while it ain't Must See TV, it could make decent diversionary TV while I'm folding laundry or something (if I actually folded my laundry, yes, I'm technically an adult but I still live like a teenager).

Best thing about the show is the blonde (above right) Rachael Harris, who plays the main pregnants friend Cooper who has no interests in babies or anything typical about the suburban lifestyle. She eats up the character and spits everyone else out.

I think I still liked The Singles Table better but probably because that show is really about my life down to the single Asian who lives at sitting at wedding receptions (this weekend? its number 3 of 14 this year, maybe 15). Though at this point, we may never see The Singles Table, at least on NBC.

Still, I surprisingly remembered a lot from Notes From The Underbelly from last summer, including the hilarious scene in the bar when Lauren, who just found out she's pregnant, tries to hide it from Cooper.

Also loved the veiled allusion to In N Out Burgers are their Animal Style (Wild Style on the show) secret ordering techniques. Oh man, now I want one again. Maybe I'm preggers...

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