Friday, April 06, 2007

Scrubs - Just Died

My Long Goodbye

OMG? They killed Laverne?

I don't know whose goodbye was better? Ted, Todd's or The Janitors?

Meanwhile, Jordan has a C-section and everything is fine with their new baby, but Dr. Cox tries to hide the news during the sad news about Laverne.

Another hilarious episode mixed with the heartache and sadness. Okay, I know. She's not real, but Carla can sell it (okay. Judy Reyes as Carla) and again, underlies the madness that is the Emmy's for overlooking her brilliant portrayal.

Bonus points for playing Keane during Carla's impassioned goodbye speech to Laverne.

Jordan is pissed that no one important to her is visiting and lets JD become godfather and lets JD name the baby Jennifer Dylan (JD for short. Get it?).


Patrick Britton said...

Man that was another classic scrubs heart tugger.

Babylinda said...

I just wished Karla would shed a tear that is all she needed! I am so happy JD is the Godfather though! That is awesome

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