Friday, April 27, 2007

Scrubs - My Melody

My Cold Shower

Wait. THAT was FELICITY? Eliot's visiting friend from college was played by Keri Russell (and I cannot WAIT for her little indie movie Waitress to open May 4th (in selected cities. For free screening tickets, click here), more on Summer Movie Previews soon, when I'm not swamped at work).

It took me until midway between the show opener and the first commercial break before I realised that Melody was Ms. Felicity herself. I like this new sexy confident character instead of the mopey Noel? Ben? Noel? Ben? (btw, I was for Ben all the way).

Anyways, did anybody else catch NBC's promo tagline to watch the final four episodes of Scrubs? Did anybody else interpret it as a sign of cancellation too or am I way overthinking this?


J.D. Judge said...

I knew that was Felicity!! My friend owes me $10 now, thanks!

LinzMcC said...

I also interpreted that promo as the end of the show, but from what I have read elsewhere, we are all just reading too much into it. Apparently, it was just meant to mean the last 4 episodes of the season.

I miss Felicity... I love Ben...

Mike said...

It might be over on NBC, but would get life on ABC.

Keri Russell looked a lot better now, IMO.

Anyways, great site. I love your taste in TV; we have similar likes.


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