Monday, April 30, 2007

Spring Comes To The World! Even Australia!

It's coming! It's coming!

Oh yey FINALLY! An announcement about Spring Awakening National Tours which will begin in the Fall of 2008 (2008? WHAT?) as well as productions around the world including United Kingdom, Spain, Israel, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Japan, Korea and Australia. WHAT? NO CANADA? (Or are we included in the National Tour which we are sometimes? because apparently we aren't considered another country to some Americans (or Canadians for that matter)).

Still, I urge you to SEE the CURRENT ORIGINAL CAST who are just mesmerizing. Plus, while I know there are lots of talented kids out there, I'm sure it's going to be harder to cast than they think, which they seemed to have learned this past weekend at an open call audition in NY where over 1000 kids came out hoping to play Melchior, Wendla and others.

It's a sad state when two of the best shows I have EVER seen, Company and Spring Awakening, sit with empty seats while other crap (I won't even bother linking to them) sell to full houses (or close to full).

Then again, my sister saw Legally Blonde on Friday and thought it was cute and funny. Which seems to be the general concensus. Mostly.

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Byron said...

If you like the musical, you might also be interestsed in the Wolfgang Bauer art series based on the play, called Spring Awakenings.

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