Thursday, April 26, 2007

Tapeworthy Tries To Be Cultured

So every once in a while I like to pretend that I'm actually hip and cultured and go out to see little indie films (while I arrange getting advanced tickets to Spiderman 3 with friends, yes, I know, the irony of it all) or do artsy things and I try to stay connected by promoting cool friends and their interesting projects even though I may have no idea what it all really means (but I'll nod enthusiastically for you if you want).

So last night I went to finally check out Hot Docs, a film festival for documentary films that seems to be doing quite well for Toronto. I saw Seven Dumpsters and a Corpse by a Swiss director following him and his brother as they try to clean up the mess their mother left after she is found dead. It kinda reminded me of Grey Gardens a bit, only if the crazy were dead already. Of course, it was an interesting film in that the brothers were physically digging through the piles of trash that their mother had left building in her apartment, while they slowly discovered their mother as a person through her stuff. Hmm... it's like my college Material Cultures class all over again. Annmarie Adams would be proud.

Still, it was hand held, it was shaky and went on for about 30 minutes too long. The director never knew how to zoom out so you never really knew what you were starring at and I still have a headache. Maybe I should have just stayed home to watch American Idol? Oh I TRY. (Still, I will NEVER forget that HORRIBLE movie I saw at the Toronto Film Festival years ago, which was the biggest piece of crap EVER. Apparently half the audience agreed and walked out, the other half gave a standing Bravo! What's worse is that I knew the director and two of the actors were family friends (not that they knew what was going on in the film either!???!!! Isn't that a BAD sign?). So much for being a supportive friend).

Okay, thank god for ABC and NBC's Thursday Must See TV Lineup tonight...

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