Wednesday, May 02, 2007

American Idol - Rock On

Top 6, Again - Rock Night - Bon Jovi

First I thought, CRAP, Phil did a decent enough job that his fans and old people will vote for him.

Then Jordin Sparks basically sucked. Not hard when you're singing Bon Jovi, but I think we expect more from the 17 year old now. I don't hate Jon Bon Jovi (though his hair does nothing for me), but I wouldn't call myself a fan.

Then something happened.

LaKisha came on and I cared again. She really seemed like she was fighting back into the competition. Bon Jovi gave her just enough of the cheesy rock theatrics that she thrives on.


Blake Lewis came on, did his beatbox thing, changing up the song "You Give Love A Bad Name" to his usual stylings and completely ROCKED IT. In fact, as the judges said, was essentially the most original rendition of any song in American Idol history (though not Idol history, from what I know, that would go to Jacob Hoggard) . Simply mesmerizing. It was kinda thrilling to watch and it was amusing because you could actually see Randy and Paula were actually genuinely excited and not just trying to be nice for nicety's sake.

I actually bought Chris Richardson screaming into the microphone, more so than Jordin and Phil at least.

Then Melinda came and did her Tina Turner thing and as usual, came out with class and poise even as she tried to rock it.

So now I don't know who is going. After last week, I would have said LaKisha and Chris Richardson were in danger. Based on last night alone, I would say Jordin and Phil were in danger (thank god, in the recap, the last four outshone Phil, who was basically only "good" until the others sang). However, since it's still a tally of both weeks, my guess is??? hmm... Chris and Phil? All I know is I want Phil out, but it could totally be Chris and LaKisha tonight too...

Anyways, who knew Bon Jovi night was going to turn out this well?

Seriously though, Blake's performance was AMAZING. The new black hairdo was a nice change-up too.

Oh, what was with the Bush thing? No disrespect to your leader but I think I have to go vomit now...


Chad Oneil said...

Found your blog by searching for "idol" blogs.

I agree, Blake came out and "Rocked it".

I'm looking forward to this week's offerings.

vance said...

thanks! it's a good crop this year but Blake's attempt at originality is winning me over.

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