Tuesday, May 15, 2007

American Idol - Three's Good Company

Final Three - Judges, Producers and Self Choices

For the best final three ever (seriously, think about it. Kelly Clarkson (the standard we go by Idol now), Justin Guarini (sucked), Nikki McKibbon (really sucked). Kimberly Locke (lovely), Clay Aiken (annoying), Ruben Studdard (boring). Jasmine Trias (never lived up to her week 1), Diane Degarmo (blech), Fantasia Barrino (annoying). Vonzell Solomon (who?), Bo Bice (lame), Carrie Underwood (seriously, not trying to be racist but another white girl and the only other really good Idol winner?). Elliot Yamin (Misunderstood and AWESOME), Katherine McPhee (generic), Taylor Hicks (I'm going to go vomit my dinner now).) our current Idol contestants Jordin Sparks, Blake Lewis and Melinda Doolittle sure are great yet lacked an absolute magnificent show tonight. Maybe they were playing it too safe?

Still, Melinda continued to perform perfect renditions of her songs, if a little TOO studied. I still love her, though I do wonder how good of a pop album she can come up with. And yes, Idol's need to make a pop or pop/something album or else it doesn't work. It is after all based on the origins of Pop Idol.

Jordin I think misteps a bit in the first song, rocks the second and then is okay in the third. I would be cool for this 17 year old to win it but based on this week alone, I think she was the worst of the three (but that's by VERY slim margins).

Blake continued to be the most interesting and original of the bunch, infusing his own personality into every song ("Roxanne"? That was their pick? Never actually though it was a great or emotional song until it appeared in Moulin Rouge!) so while I thought Blake did a comparable job on his first song, I didn't really feel it, but then, I never really do with that song, so not sure if it was his fault or not. Blake did well on Maroon 5's "This Love" and the song from Robin Thicke (who I still can't really take seriously) and is still my favorite performer despite having the worst vocals of the final three (but again, not bad and totally doable to be on the Billboard Top 20).

Honestly, I think a final two of Blake with Melinda or Jordin would be amazing, while Melinda and Jordin would almost be slightly redundant, but at this point, any of the three would be fine in filling the Idol position (again, see past American Idol list from above. It's not a bad year in the least).


Mikey said...

a) Thinking about Jasmine Trias makes me beyond ill.

b) Robin Thicke may be the devil, but Blake's rendition of WIGYA was bomb.

c) Melinda's take on that Preacher's Wife song was hella-weak. What was up with the judge's going all love-bonkers for it?

vance said...

Wait, you mean bomb good or bomb bad? Cause I actually liked Blakes rendition of a song by Robin Thicke (who I just can't get into) which shows me that Blake's got it going!

But yeah. Melinda is consistent but she failed to wow me last night.

Mikey said...

Good bomb, very good bomb. Aside from British Invasion week (I loved Time of the Season) I think last night was my favorite Blake performance.

vance said...

I still liked Rock night more than last night but again, while Melinda is consistent in her pitch, Blake is consistent in being entertaining (mostly, a few times he looked uncomfortable but I cant think of which weeks now so musn't have been that bad). Still, I HOPE he wins but I have a sad feeling he won't. At least there's no Taylor Hicks in the final three.

Anonymous said...

Hoping Blake gets it! Couldn't vote! Busy Busy! Maybe that was good? Tried for hours on all three numbers for Blake. He is great. Melinda is a star. She will make it as Jennifer and Daughtry did...So let Jordin and Blake take the spotlight! They are awesome! Hope Blake does it!!!!!

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