Wednesday, May 16, 2007

American Idol - Well, Someone Had to Go...

Top 3 Results - And Now We Have Our Final 2

What was with Ryan tonight? Shooing Blake's emotional father off the stage like that? That was kinda rude and a truly weird moment. Especially since it was for time, yet we basically got about 57 minutes of filler again (the Ford video? the visits back home? Maroon 5 proving you DON'T need a good voice to be a pop star (hey, I actually do like the song "Makes Me Wonder")).

So Jordin Sparks is safe and in the final two.

Then SHOCKER... Melinda Doolittle is OUT. GASP. Blake Lewis is in the final two! I'm happy and sad and shocked at the same time. I always kinda believed the final two would be Melinda and Blake.

Well, if Elliott Yamin's appearance was any consolation, the best singer doesn't always win, and can still put out a good album (see also Daughtry and Josh Gracin).

So, there you have it folks, our finalist in American Idol Season 6. Jordin Sparks and Blake Lewis, both worthy successors and both will be WAY better than Taylor Hicks, Ruben Studard or Fantasia Barino.

For a bit of next week's finale spoilers, (highlight ahead to read) Blake won the coin toss and chose to sing first. WHA? SECOND MY BOY. SECOND. ALWAYS CHOOSE SECOND to leave them WOWED. Okay, actually, does it really matter?

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