Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Degrassi: TNG - Welcome to Paradise

Don't You Want Me

Oh Alex. Poor poor Alex. First Paige dinks you around back and forth, playing with your emotions while she figures out if she likes Spinner, Jessie, you or anybody else before you help her come to the conclusion that she's bi and it's okay because it's just a damn label. Then your mother has a dumbass boyfriend who secretly lost his job, ran up the credit cards and finally gets arrested for fraud leaving Alex and her family in huge debt and about to be evicted from their apartment.

So off goes Alex to Zanzibar (yes, the one on Yonge Street in Toronto) to work as a waitress (oh SURE... you say that NOW) after Jay's new girlfriend gets her in, but the money troubles keep pouring in, and that pole sure looks mighty richer every time... gasp... they DO GO THERE...(to be continued of course in the next episode...)

(Man, how is The N going to react? CTV doesn't really care since they show it as an adult show with a warning anyways and plus, this is the same national network that shows The Sopranos and Nip/Tuck unedited).

Meanwhile, Sean tries to woo back Emma who says she's pregnant. WHA?

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