Thursday, May 03, 2007

Farewell Gilmore Girls, Hello Stars Hollow

Series, Not Season

May 15th will indeed be the final episode of Gilmore Girls and the series finale. Oh well, it was great while it lasted (well, at least the first 5 seasons, where it hovered in my top 5 the entire time). So at this point, if they don't renew Veronica Mars, is there ANYTHING to watch on The CW other than Supernatural (which I will admit, I'm WAY behind on now because of 30 Rock and Grey's Anatomy). On the other hand, this WAS the same network that brought back 7th Heaven from the dead, but of course, that totally sucked and produced a sucktastic season (or so I hear). So maybe it's best that we are left with only the good memories of Gilmore Girls.

Stars Hollow will now remain forever locked in the memories of TVland... or I'll just scoot over to Unionville (aka, Stars Hollow in the pilot) and try to find Luke's Diner or Taylor Doosie. The whole time I'm wishing I lived in Stars Hollow and only last year do I find out I live RIGHT BY IT? Like literally a 10 minute drive away???


Liz said...

Well...there's always America's Next Top Model to watch on the CW! And, um, that trampy girl group show! And, um, that one about superman! Yeah, sad.

vance said...

Yeah, I just can't do America's Next Top Model. As FIERCE as Tyra Banks may be, and as much as I still love that: "I didn't call you a ho, I said you have Ho STYLE" from the first season, I just can't do that show. As for Smallville, it started off good way back when but lost me somewhere.

Well, there's always Girlfriends. :P (I actually seriously like Golden Brooks acting style for some reason) but seriously, they cancelled Everwood for THIS?

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