Monday, May 14, 2007

How I Met Your Mother - May I Now Present, Mr. & Mrs. Awesome!

UPDATE: How I Met Your Mother is SAFE and returning for its' third season! How could it NOT be renewed?

Something Blue

Lily and Marshall are married, and while they are trying to avoid every wedding cliché existing, food seems to be avoiding entering their stomachs (another wedding cliché but at least one that isn't their fault, and one that isn't in the lovey dovey category).

Meanwhile, Barney overhears Robin and Ted holding onto a secret and pesters them until Ted recounts the story, which as we've noticed from this show, goes in a long roundabout but entertaining way in doing so. So cliffhanger upon cliffhanger at every commercial break, Barney thinks Robin and Ted are engaged, then broken up, then pregnant, until we finally find out what we all knew was coming at some point. That Ted and Robin won't be folowing the same path in life and end up breaking up, but they did so 2 weeks ago and planned to keep it a secret until after the wedding.

Of course, we are still left with the on-going cliffhanger. How Did Ted Meet His Kids Mother? At least Barney got his job as Ted's wingman back! A cute episode, made mostly great because Alyson Hannigan's Lily acting drunk is hilarious and Marshall's adoring love for Lily is absolutely cute, and Neil Patrick Harris owns Barney. As he does in every episode. It's Legen- Wait for it...

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