Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lost - Lost But Enjoying The Ride

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I've been playing catchup with Lost but can I just say. HOLY. MUTHA F#$KING SMOKES. If there was any doubt that Lost was still good anymore, the last few episodes certainly quelled any of that.

Of course, I kept missing that moment when Ben takes Locke to meet Jacob and being confused by the scene, so I rewound and paused and it happened to stop right at the moment a ghostly image of Jacob appeared on the screen. WHAT THE F!%K WAS THAT??? Just thinking about it gave me shivers.

Then Ben SHOOTS LOCKE??? and leaves him for dead?

Sun finds out the baby is Jin's but that she's going to probably die, according to Juliet, who unwantingly has become a spy for The Others.

The Others were planning on stealing away the pregnant women but now are moving their hostile takeover ahead of schedule. Just in time for next week's 2 hour finale. How convenient.

Desmond realises his premonitions are calling for Charlie to die in order to trigger a switch that will save everyone else's life, but most importantly, Claire and the baby's (who Desmond pictures getting off the island in a helicopter).

Rose and Bernard exist again and, in one brief scene, show us why we love them so much.

Sawyer realises that Locke's dad (who was in fact in the "box") was the same con-man that he had been chasing after his whole life, and strangles him to death in a fit of rage (is Lost getting a bit too Saw like?)

Ben also had a bad dad who neglected him, so Ben kills him in the blue Volkswagen van (that Hurley had previously found) using a toxin, and kills everyone else from the Dharma Initiative that wasn't with them, when two factors evolve, creating The Others.

The parachute woman (Marsha Thomason from Las Vegas) knows of Oceanic Flt. 815 where it was reported that everyone had died, and the fuselage had been found with all the bodies. Obviously they aren't dead (or are they? are they bringing back the purgatory theory on purpose?). She says a boat is coming to save her. We wait. Or something like that. I'm so confused but so loving Lost right now.

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