Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ugly Betty - The J Is Pronounced Like An H

A Tree Grows In Guadalajara

The Suarez's go to Mexico and Betty tries to find out more about her past and specifically her mom's family and sees visions of Henry. Hilda looks for her wedding dress while in Mexico and meets a hunky restauranteur/foot massager who happens to be linked to the man Ignacio killed and is part of the revenge. Ignacio is denied a visa back to the US and will stay in Mexico, with a vendetta on his back, unbeknownst to him.

Amanda continues her secret relationship with the "gay" designer and Marc catches them kissing and tries to "in" him after he treats Amanda badly. Bradford gets a younger makeover as part of Wilhelmina's plan to get him to divorce Claire. Alexis' ex-girlfriend (back in her he days)(played by showkiller Rebeca Gayheart) shows up and Daniel goes straight after her, and Alexis is jealous, while the ex looks for closure (ending on some Rebecca on Rebecca action) much to Daniel's shock. Amanda and Marc discover the secret passage to Faye's Love Lair.

Maybe it was Rebeca Gayheart's showkilling presence but I felt the life was somehow sucked out of this episode. Especially after the perfect hilarity of last week's medieval times Secretaries Day episode. Though Marc and Wilhelmina's scheming ways were more classic moments of delicious manipulation. Still, I could have used more Christina and Justin, but I'm guessing he will figure prominently next week in finale East Side Story!


Anonymous said...

um. its rebecca Romijn, not Gayheart
thx for the update anyway

vance said...

You mean you think romijn is showkilling the series? and not gayhearts guest appearance? I actually don't mind Romijn though they seem to keep switching her back and forth from Daniel buddy to Daniel nemesis as Im not sure they know exactly which way they want to go with her.

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