Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Veronica Mars - F.B.I. :Fabulous Blonde Investigator

I Know What You'll Do Next Summer

There's a bunch of burglaries in Neptune and VINCENT Van Lowe uses it to his advantage in his campaign for Sheriff. Dick's father returns, but is off to jail and wants to spend his remaining jail-free summer with his son, which curbs Dick's plan to surf the summer away with Logan in South America. Logan meanwhile has the conundrum of the dance of schedules and intentions with Parker for their summer plans as she tries to avoid a return to Denver under her parents roof. Mac and Max are in love, never leave the dorm room, and already has career ambition issues (he likes his $1500 underground "job", she kinda doesn't).

Veronica passes the PI exam and tries to figure out if Apollo, a Hearst student who is on the verge of fame for writing a book on his Invisible Children past in Africa, is the son of a mystery man that contacts her for help. Mystery is solved (after a few fake outs again and an allusion to Oprah's smackdown with James Frey's fake out A Million Little Pieces), but more importantly, Veronica gets into the FBI summer program, and if the scene where Keith and Veronica Hi-5 for ice cream after the great news doesn't show why this show MUST CONTINUE, then the CW will be dead to me. Piz and Veronica seem to be going well but he gets an internship in New York for the summer but looked a little green when Veronica learns the FBI news, meaning, did he turn it so that he could stay in Neptune for her? Doh.

UPDATE: Apparently next weeks 2 hour episode finale will now be a SERIES FINALE. F%#K DAWN OSTROFF.

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