Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Veronica Mars - A Show That's Out Of This World

Weevils Wobble But They Don't Go Down
The Bitch Is Back - Series Finale


Keith presumably loses the Sheriff race? All because of a spiteful Jake Kane (WHO IS BACK??? WHA?)? Will Jake Kane go down for "The Castle" by Nish who now holds the list of all it's members?

I thought I might be able to end Veronica Mars happily, accept the end while it still is on a quality high to join other short 3-4 season shows that gave us amazing years like Everwood or Arrested Development.

BUT I'M NOT READY TO LOSE VERONICA. I WANT MORE. OH I WANT MORE. I WANT THE LOVING WITTY BANTER BETWEEN KEITH AND VERONICA. I WANT TO SEE MORE OF THE FRIENDSHIPS BETWEEN VERONICA AND WALLACE AND MAC. I want more Vinnie Van Lowe shmarming his way through Neptune. I want re-occuring characters to re-appear so that re-evaluate mysteries, including mysteries we long thought were solved. I want the love stories to be messy and complicated and hurtful and loving with passion, which included Logan's exit leaving behind a torn ex-boyfriend who still cared for Veronica, enough to beat up her current boyfriend Piz (mistakenly) and the real culprit that had thrown an illicit video between Veronica and Piz up on the net.

But first, Eli Weevil Navarro is back, and in trouble for apparently running a fake student ID scam. Dick continues his emotional spiral for realising his part in Beavers ultimate demise and apologizes to Mac. Keith and Vinnie continue to spar for Sherriff. Veronica figures out the huge gang of the spoiled and rich elite that was in on the scam, pinning it on poor Weevil, but Weevil secretly takes hold of the evidence after he's off the hook. A sex tape of Veronica and Piz show up on the net and Logan assumes Piz did it and beats him up.

The tape is traced to a possible fraternity secret rush assignment, a secret frat like the Yale Skulls & Bones that Nish has been trying to track down and sue. Veronica out for revenge, uses Wallace for help in infiltrating the secret frat, which eventually gets Veronica back into Jake Kane's house, stealing a hardrive that Mac cracks to reveal all the members of the secret society The Castle, and all of each members dirty little secrets. Keith, realising that Veronica is on the track of a high powered society, does everything he sees fit to protect his daughter, which Jake eventually uses against Keith's Sherrifs campaign. Veronica doesn't really get back her comeuppance does she? The tape of her is still out, and while Nish will be able to take them down based on gender biased, The Castle's secrets will remain with Jake, after he'd probably alread ruined Keith's election. Veronica leaves walking in the rain.

Sigh... THAT'S IT??? And I mean that in a good way, as in I want MORE.

So alas, we leave Neptune. We leave with hauting memories of the darkness that happens to some of its residents including Lily Kane and Beaver Casablanca. We leave Neptune where someone like Sheriff Lamb could have reigned, Vinnie Van Lowe could be credible, and where a sleezy lawyer Cliff can actually be a handy one in the pocket. To great friends in Wallace and Mac, and great frenemies in Dick and in torrid affairs with Logan and sweet simple ones in Duncan and Piz. And we leave the incredible Kristen Bell as Veronica Mars, with her whipper snapper attitude and sassy style.

(Why do I sound like I'm writing a eulogy?)


Mikey said...

I think I'd feel more satisfied if the show had ended on a tragedy or something more dramatic. To just... fade out, with really depressing music in the background and nothing settled. I don't understand how that's it. I'm really not ready.

vance said...

I know. It was sort of unfair that it didn't get a chance to knowingly end the show properly. What's with The CW anyways? First Gilmore Girls (although they did write that as if it was an ending anyways), and now Veronica Mars? All the ending made me feel was that there was going to be more mysteries that I can totally get back into.

Mikey said...

The fact that the CW still won't make an "official" statment is so deeply frustrating. They're buffoons.

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