Friday, May 18, 2007

What' I'll Be Watching This Fall - A Roundup of This Week's Upfronts

I'll expand on this when I have more time (which might not be until Tuesday) but taking a wrap-up look at this week's Upfronts for the Fall/Winter 2007 - 2008 Network Television Season, the new show I'm most excited about is Pushing Daisies starring the-should-have-been-already-famous-Lee Pace (above, Wonderfalls). Followed by Viva Laughlin, both seem to be pushing the boundaries of TV in different ways, and are completely oddball shows, both will sadly probably never last, but those are the two I'm most excited.

ABC seems to have the most exciting new lineup, though with11 new shows, again, there's the most possibilities for the most exciting shows (including Big Shots, and Dirty Sexy Money).

Fox would have the next most exciting lineup except that most of the good shows won't debut until Winter 2008 so really, what's the point? Looking forward to Back To You and The Return of Jezebel James.

NBC has Journeyman which looks like the most intriguing new show on it's list.

CBS has Viva Laughlin which doesn't seem to fit into the rest of their procedural/reality TV schedule.

The CW is now dead to me.

UPDATE: Here's a good link that has a video preview of all the pilots.

Check here for the CBS Upfronts 2007
Check here for the ABC Upfronts 2007
Check here for the NBC Upfronts 2007
Check here for the FOX Upfronts 2007 (and The CW is in there too)

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