Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Big Brother Trifecta - Mike Finally Gets Noticed... As A Doofus

So Evil Dick is HOH in the Big Brother House this week, homophobe (unless they are nice gays) Kail and loopy Jen (and if you need more proof, check her HOH diary if you haven't already, where she deals with her BILLS from back home!?!) are the two former HOH's and both are up on the block, and things are going just as planned and thus, uneventful right? Oh how we forget how much can happen in 24 hours trapped within the walls full of cameras. Let alone 48 hours. So let the scheming begin!

Dick makes it clear that Jen's not even his main target. Kail is, and she seems to be latching onto homo Dustin for help. Ironic eh?

The trying-to-be-cool-and-part-of-the-boys-but-is-kind-of-a-trying-too-hard-nerd Zach decides to streak but takes way too long in the attempt, and when he finally does, the rest of the house makes the last joke on him when they lock him outside in the yard without his towel. And um, according to the live feeds, there wasn't that much to look at (um, not that it matters, it's how you USE it, or so people delude themselves into saying).

I love that Dick totally calls out Kail. Not in her attitude, but in her poor plays in the game from the get-go, who at this point is still scattering around trying to save herself, trying to get Mike to help her in the POV challenge. Kail spills that Jen is after Danielle still (well, duh) but problem is, YOU WENT AFTER EVIL DICK, so why WOULDN'T EVIL DICK go back after you? Duh.

America is making Eric vandalise Jen's property, which at this point seems too easy. America, I thought we moved on? Let's stir the pot with some other members of the household! Let's get Mike in the mix. Let's get him to do SOMETHING (though standing there is not bad on the eyes). Eric squirts mustard on one of Jen's Jensa Member shirt. THAT'S IT? THAT completes the task? Maybe I'm more sadistic than I thought but I wanted full on VANDALISING. I wanted SCANDAL and BLAME and SCREAMING MATCHES. I'm going to hell aren't I? Oh wait. According to Kail, I'm already going to hell anyways. So bring on the evil!

Being the robot that Jen is (seriously, think about it. She doesn't understand empathy. Shows little emotion. Is confused by all. Show's little emotion to her "mother". Can only compute photos if people look attractive in them. It's like an episode of Small Wonder only funny) she isn't really pissed, just confused by the whole grade school prank and lightly pokes and prods everyone, while Eric literally swears away his diversion tactic and remains undiscovered.

Evil Dick slowly starts to power trip, making sure Jen knows of Kail's backstabbing. The POV competition starts and Jessica, Zack and Nick join Dick and the two nominees. It's a Mad Hatter Tea Party game of endurance (good to see whose will is stronger, bad for exciting TV). The competitors must stand on a pedestal while also balancing a glass on top of their Mad Hatter's hat, and Kail fails right away. Bye bye homophobe! The rest of the house then comes joins the gang in the garden to jeer them on, with a disturbing looking Mike in a pink wig and tight maids outfit. Shudder. It comes down to Evil Dick and Jen left standing, but since Dick wants Kail out anyways, he tries to convince Jen to drop out, but a kookoo as she may be, she's a stronger player than one would expect. Dustin attempts to frazzle Jen by wearing her red uni'tard, while Mike sucks on a baby bottle. Uh, I don't EVEN want to know. Of all the houseguests, only Mike is trying to disrupt Dick with all his lame attempts failing miserably. Maybe it was better when we didn't see much of Mike? Some pretty boys should only be seen. In 2D. Frozen. Of course why Mike is trying to frazzle Dick and not Jen, I have no idea. He claims honesty. Oh PLEASE. Stating your honesty in the house is like stating your virginity in a bathhouse, it's sort of futile and the jig is up. Plus people kinda just want to get you even more. So Dick gives up on purpose to let Jen win, thus letting her take herself on the block letting Dick put Mike up on the block. Mike. Smart move. So honest of you. ??? What a doofus.

Evil Dick, who had been letting the rest of the household sleep in the HOH room all week, is getting furious that Zach and Jen are together in the HOH conspiring with Nick in a perceived alliance. Dick's basically pissed at Nick for hanging out with Danielle and taking it out on the house. Danielle tries to calm Dick down and instead it turns into one of their father daughter fights, though doesn't it seem like EVERY teenage daughter/father fight? I'm just saying, their communication problem isn't exactly unique and that there is hope for reconciliation. At least right after Nick is out of the picture, or so Dick thinks. Though I'm sure Dustin doesn't complain.

So surprise surprise, Jen uses the Veto on herself after a waste-of-time speech (though live-feed viewers are starting to suspect that this dumb act is an act, which would make her the most amazing player this year so far). Evil Dick thus puts honest and truly dumb ass Mike on the block, which leaves Mike and Kail as Eric's two options for us to choose to vote out (cough, not that I even need to state it but, cough, Kail, just to be sure).

So be sure to check ModFab on Thursday to see Kail get voted out (okay, fine. whichever household member gets voted out), and QTA on Sunday to see who the new HOH will put up for nominations. Also, maybe Jameka and Jessica will make an appearance on television soon? Though they probably don't want to make their big TV splash like Mike. I am glad we stopped seeing Amber crying. Not that she has stopped. Apparently from the live feeds, that's all she's done. So thank CBS for editing THAT out for now.


rural juror said...

oh...Amber cried for days after Dick was short with her while washing dishes. So glad they cut that out.

As for Jen, she really isn't as stupid as they make her out to be...just a bit loopy.

I want them to show more Eric/Jessica, less Nick/Dani...that's all I'm saying.

And I'd like to think Kail is leaving but.......

vance said...

I'm starting to think that Jen is a smarter player (and person) than we think she is too. She's more loopy and weird than actual dumb. She even hinted back to Kail to throw Nick on the block back when there was an alliance to suss out, just to confirm Kails reaction and confirm the alliance in the first place.

Yeah, I'd like to think Kail is leaving too, then again, I even said it myself, a lot can happen in 24 hours in the house!

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