Monday, July 23, 2007

Big Brother Trifecta: Sweetbreads=Donuts

Head over to Queering the Apparatus for all the ongoings in the Big Brother House last night. While the nominations were obvious, we did learn some important things, like "Sweetbreads are not muffins and donuts and any bread that is not "regular bread" as Jessica and Jen and evidently the majority of the house thought. I mean REALLY!" and "Barney is a fictional character that doesn't have a sexual orientation... and Kail cannot tell that Dustin is gay... because, evidently, she has a problem with her gaydar unless "homosexuals" walk around in "full makeup." REALLY! She actually said this. She also confessed to not knowing many gay people. REALLY?!? And she is able to "forget" that Dustin is gay because he is such a wonderful person. SIGH.... At this point it is like kicking a dumb wounded opossum laying in the road."

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I'll be back Tuesday to report on the Veto competition and ModFab returns on Thursday's elimination (Kail? I dare say?) and the new HOH competition.

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