Monday, July 30, 2007

Big Brother - What DOES A Dollar Buy You Nowadays?

"Greetings all! QTA here with your Sunday Big Brother wrap-up. Shall we begin with Zach and with his unbridled nerve at calling anyone... much less S&M practitioners at Dragon Con... "FREAKS"? Seriously... this is the man who is Jameka's least favorite person in the house... and since Jameka is my Big Brother Goddess, this doesn't help his case...

neither does his creeping in to join Dustin and Amber's hug... thus forcing a group hug... "awkward" is an understatement (creeeeeeeeeeeepy). Add to this that Eric (wait. I thought it was Dustin? Well, either or, I like both) called him Eeyore,which would be accurate if Zach were lovable instead of just ridiculous."

Continue reading about the rest of the weirdness and breakdowns at QTA, I'll be back Tuesday with the Veto stuff, and ModFab finds out who finally gets kicked out on Thursday.

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