Thursday, July 19, 2007

Canadian Idol - If Rihanna Is Promoting This Hard, No Wonder "Umbrella" Is #1

Top 10 Results - The Cut Down to 9

Okay, so I haven't even bothered to watch Canadian Idol this year since Greg Neufeld is going to win it anyways, but I saw a bit of last nights results (bye bye Mila Miller. I'm going to miss the cool afro hair), watching Rihanna do her thing (RIHANNA??? on Canadian Idol? Picture after the jump) but they showed a clip of Kalan Porter making a new video for his new song ("Down in Heaven", not great but WAY better than his first album). Um, Kalan Porter looks like he got YOUNGER. Is that even possible? He already looked like he was only 12 when he won.

Brits get Ant and Dec, Americans get Ryan Seacrest. We get Ben Mulroney? Son of former Prime Minister Brian (he of the 80's Conservative party). And you wonder why we have a boring image.

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