Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Fall Casts Shadows

Mae Whitman (Anne, George Michaels invisible girlfriend on Arrested Development) is off Bionic Woman and they are getting thinking of getting rid of the hearing-impaired character altogether? NOOOOOOO...

I was sad to hear Merrin Dungey (Francie/Evil Francie on Alias) bumped off Private Practice since she didn't seem to score well as Addison's best friend (great actress, wrong character), so instead, they will just replace her with another black actress. This is where I would roll my eyes until I heard it was Audra McDonald (above), who is, just, simply, AMAZING on Broadway (currently in 110 in the Shade), and who I was just saying to my friend last week, that she deserves a bigger shot at stardom.

Meanwhile, I may have to work around my CW boycott to watch Reaper since I just simply love Bret Harrison who just finished on The Loop this past weekend. Plus, I hear Aliens in America is hilarious as well and just acquired Scott Patterson (Luke on Gilmore Girls)!!! It'll be interesting to see if he can play anybody other than Luke Danes.

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