Thursday, July 26, 2007

I'm A Nerd But Not That Kind of A Nerd

So Comic Con starts today in San Diego. [crickets]

Still, there seems to be enough influx of Hollywood trying to suck up to the comic geeks with Bionic Woman, Heroes, Lost, Battlestar Galatica etc. etc. that there should be interesting news coming out of there this weekend.

I've mainly noticed though because oddly enough in timing, I've had to track down some comic stuff for work and all the offices are deserted this week at all these different comic places because they are all down at Comic Con. It's like a giant Nerd exodus from the rest of the continent to the great pilgrimage in San Diego. God forbid I need I.T. help this week.

New Line will show clips (at 2:15pm Friday the 24th, in Hall H) of Shoot 'Em Up so it should be interesting to hear how it seems so far (I'm being cautiously optimistically cynical) and I forgot to post the general poster the other day so here it is.

New Line will also show The Golden Compass, which I'm excited about. Though I haven't read Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials, I hear it's good and very dark and NOT like The Chronicles of Narnia. It's almost the flip version. The poster isn't very enticing but from everything I've heard from the book, (and subsequent stage version from The National Theatre in London), it is.

Plus we get evil Nicole Kidman and a very handsome looking Daniel Craig (the best Bond EVER and apparently one that will be compensated very well for being so) (hey, wait? Aren't they in The Invasion together too?)

On a side note, according to Reel Fanatic, Naomi Watts is going to be Narcissa Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies? Belatrix Lestrange's blonde sister and mother of Draco Malfoy? How FANTASTIC!

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